Palliser Mendoza Home Theatre

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Roomy, chic and downright luxurious, this theatre seat makes watching the screen a relaxing, pampering proposition for every member of the family.

Embodied with ultra-plush padding all along its outer edge, you get an extra soft feel to enjoy when you’re sitting up or reclining. The ergonomic design of the 43-inch backrest and the extra wide size of the 25-inch bucket seat give you optimal support and the most amount of room possible…now we’re talking VIP… A wall-hugger recline mechanism lets you place the large seat close to the wall without worry, and you can add a power mechanism to the design to make reclining back as easy as pushing a button.   Now we’re talking living large!

Creature comforts can include a cup holder for your favourite liquid refreshments and a hidden compartment for handy storage. You can choose stainless steel or wood blocks to support the seat, and there are 200 upholstery options available for customization.oom. NOTE : Prices shown starting for each piece ( per seat ). Call or email for custom build pricing to your spacific needs, shape and options.