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"We just purchased a beautiful bedroom and new mattress set from Furniture Wonderland. Our sales person, Doug was very helpful and patient. He offered some suggestions that made sense and he made the entire process fun and informative.   We were referred to Wonderland from friends and we can now see why. The selection they have is very nice and very affordable.  Truth be told, we left and shopped around but after comparing prices and selection elsewhere we readily returned to Wonderland to purchase our bedroom suite. The delivery people put it in place and it was all too easy. We are very satisfied!


Jim and Laura,


"I have personally seen an exact sofa model in Toronto at double the price."


Almost all of our house is furnished with 'Wonderland' furniture and we get many compliments when friends and guests drop in. They all think we live super large or something but truth is we're pretty cheap. My wife loves shopping there for ideas and the prices are great. I know their prices are lower and for the quality you are getting, plus the free delivery you just can't go wrong. I've seen some of their Palliser, Decorest and Catnapper sofas in high end Toronto stores for almost double to triple the price. Save yourself the drive and hassle and money and just get your furniture here.


Dirk K.


"The sofa suite and bedroom is amazing!!"


This was our first time to Furniture Wonderland. We just moved to the area from Toronto. We were shopping for a bedroom suite and living room sofa suite or sectional for our loft.  We were impressed with the modern selection and especially the prices. At first I thought the prices were wrong and maybe the actual price was just a monthly payment amount. My wife laughed herself silly when I said this.  I guess I have just become conditioned to really high Toronto furniture prices.


We did not feel pressured at all as our rep was very helpful. He was just perfect so we would like to send this note to him to thank him for his help. In the end we spent just under 5k for everything and it’s a lot of pieces of furniture that beautifully fill up almost the entire loft. And it’s all high end stuff , quality leather and heavy solid woods. And the mattress is very comfortable too. If we were back in Toronto we would have easily paid 3x as much and I doubt the quality would have been the same.



John and Nancy


"Our Sales Person was very helpful"


Our Sales Person was very nice and not pushy. He helped us match a unique colour on the sofa, loveseat and then we went with a blend on the chair which was a bit daunting. We were trying to blend it all into our room colour and blinds and drapes.  With our Sales rep's  help we were able to pick the right colours. The price was good and we are happy with the fabric and quality. When the items arrived we were very excited and nervous but once it was all in place we are very happy. Thank you again. We have already had lots of family and friends comment that they think we could be interior decorators. Thanks again.


John and Tammy


"Saved over $500.


I was looking for home theatre seating for my new movie room. The kids are gone and I took over the one room to make it a bit of a entertainment room.  I spent 2 Saturdays and shopped around at quite a few places. Martens has some of the same models as everyone but the difference is you save on each chair. Remember you need to get a few so the savings on each chair  does add up.  I went in to see if they would beat a couple quotes I had from other local establishments.   They figured out the price very quickly which seemed to be their regular price and it was two-twenties lower per chair!   To be honest I didn't expect that and of course I shot myself in the foot because I couldn't haggle any more at that point because they had already come up with a much lower price.  I tried anyway to get a lower price since I needed 6 chairs but once they said that includes delivery I though it was a fair price. I did not expect that much of a difference even between a few local stores.  My sales rep was helpful and informative and knew more about the chairs I was after than the other stores.   They delivered the chairs on time for free. It took about 3 weeks I think. I was also surprised at how large the chairs were and getting them around the corners was interesting to say the least but it all worked out.   I will keep my eyes open from now on for any sales from your store. Thanks you. I am not always this super thrifty but hey, 500 bucks is 500 bucks.    The chairs are great and very comfortable.


I have no problems shopping here.






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